Maurice A. Amon, a strong commitment to creativity

Maurice A. Amon

With more than 40 years of experience in managing and consulting of companies, Maurice A. Amon has always been a passionate entrepreneur.

A family business

Born in a family of industrialists, Maurice A. Amon was interested in business matters since a very young age. He also developed an eye for art with his father travelling around the world.

Very soon, Maurice A. Amon moved his way up in the family business SICPA. The company is a worldwide leader in security inks and tracking.

During his carrer, at SICPA, he held several high positions, especially in Europe and in Asia. Maurice A. Amon was Co-Chairman and co-CEO of the company until 2011 before joining the Executive Board Group holding as the Vice-Chairman position. He still holds today.

An entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering will

After decades spent in the family business, Maurice A. Amon has created in 2011 Investmon Corp., an investment company with a strategy focus on value creation in emerging countries.

Maurice A. Amon is a Member of the World Economic Forum and he is also part of La Maison Executive Board, a French private equity company created in 2014, wich has just formed a joint management entity “UBS La Maison de Gestion”.

Maurice A. Amon, a passionate philanthropic commitment

Passionate about art and a collector himself, Maurice A. Amon has been a recognized patron for many years. He often supports cultural projects discovered through his travels or his varied encounters. His diversified choices of causes, artists and institutions, to support his personal taste for eclecticism.
All these initiatives lead Maurice A. Amon to go further in his commitment and passion for Contemporary Art.
This is why he created the Maurice Amon Foundation. This private organization aims to gather all the patronage initiatives focused on contemporary art projects.

With the Foundation, Maurice A. Amon finds a way to pursue his commitment to philanthropy. For many years, the Foundation has been a key player for social and economic development in emerging countries.

“Our project is to accompany those who are involved – often without any borders – in Contemporary Art or artistic projects. This Foundation aims to strengthen the ties for instance, in giving access to education to less privileged people, especially the young ones. Being committed also means for us to be art-oriented: showcase, question, help confirmed or novice artists to meet their audience. In short, move forward with them, be in motion and bear in mind the celebration of a creative spirit”.

Maurice A. Amon, president of the Foundation