The Foundation is committed to promoting art and supporting educational projects

Foundation Maurice Amon

The Foundation was born with the idea to perpetuate Maurice A. Amon engagement in the different causes that matters to him. All the actions supported by the Maurice Amon Foundation reflect the inspiration, the creativity and the sensitiveness of its founder.

Maurice A. Amon, a privileged partner for international cultural institutions

The artistic commitment of the Maurice Amon Foundation can be perceived by the actions lead by its founder towards many prestigious international institutions and associations.

For many years, Maurice A. Amon has been a partner of “Paris Musées” which gathers 14 museums of the City of Paris. This partnership marks the beginning of his story with the Musée d’Art Moderne Ville de Paris (MAM-VP) and his commitment to Société des Amis du Musée d’Art Moderne Ville de Paris. Maurice A. Amon has notably contributed to its international influence.

As a founding member of the project “Elevation 1049/ Avalanche”, Maurice A. Amon brings his regular support to exhibitions that take place, every two years, during the winter, in Gstaad (Switzerland). This event, organised by the LUMA Foundation, supports independent artists and institutions in the field of visual arts (photography, documentaries and multimedia). The works of art commissioned are about environmental issues, Human Rights, education or culture in general. They are exhibited in the nature.

The year 2017 was a turning point in the relationship between the Foundation and the MAM-VP with the launch of a unique collaboration. In the context of the enhancement of the museum collection and its historical value, the Foundation has committed to finance, for the next ten years, the restauration of Room number 1, the biggest in the museum. This support was made public during a ceremony where the Room number 1 was named “Salle Albert Amon” after the first name and the last name of Maurice A. Amon’s father who was a visionary industrialist, a true passionate about art and a man in love with France, and especially Paris.

In 2017, the Foundation and the MAM-VP launched a ten-year collaboration

The in-situ Elevation 1049 exhibition transforms Gstaad’s landscape

A long-term commitment for philanthropy.

The commitment of Maurice A. Amon takes its inspiration in the entrepreneurial spirit that has been driving him for more than 40 years. Beyond his artistic patronage, he also supports the creation of family businesses in emerging countries. This support especially targets companies which have a focus on the well-being of the local population and as well as educational projects dedicated to economically disadvantaged people.