The Maurice Amon Foundation aims to support the creation around the world

Our convictions

The Maurice Amon Foundation aims to support the creation and promotion of Contemporary Art. She still works with young people, actively supporting young artists in their creative journey.

The Foundation effectively participates in the artistic development in all its forms. The goal is also that all audiences discover and awaken to Contemporary Art. The Foundation is still committed to supporting the artistic talents of tomorrow, engaging alongside creative personalities who are constantly seeking to innovate.

Its founder, Maurice A. Amon, sponsors exhibitions and numerous international events. In addition, he has surrounded himself with personalities of reference, with whom, they seal together partnerships with incubators, schools, gallery owners and institutions to support and accompany those who carry artistic projects. For the Foundation and its committee, education and training are key to unlocking the world today. The Foundation is committed in the long term, supporting projects allowing the youth, to go ahead and their desires.

The Foundation’s approach is based on a structured process, where the motivations and objectives of future projects are evaluated, accompanied as appropriate, by competent and expert personalities, so that the Maurice Amon Foundation contributes to the success and visibility of the commitments that she supports.