Art | 13.12.2018

Maurice Amon Foundation: the new talents of the crafts

Laureates of the Maurice Amon Foundation, these talents take a new look at the crafts, using innovative techniques and resolutely contemporary aesthetics (article in the magazine AD)

Committed to highlighting the know-how of the decoration trades, AD organized last March AD Matières d’art, at the Palais d’Iéna, an exhibition dedicated to artisans, arties and creators working in the field of decorative arts. On this occasion, the Maurice Amon Foundation, which supports and encourages artistic and creative projects, has awarded four talents that it supports in their development. Here we present you these actors of the renewal of the arts and crafts.

Claire Pégis, post-impressionist glass

Not yet 30 years old yet Claire Pégis impresses with her creative strength, her calmness and her determination. “The glass came to me as the only material able to transmit the bright and colorful emotions that I wanted to share and write in our environment.” Graduated from stained glass craftsmanship at Olivier de Serres, she began her career as a glass artist in the field of sacred art. In 2012, attracted by architecture, she opened her own studio in the Var. It is the observation of nature around that inspires. Glass églomisé, engraved, thermoformed, oxidized, sandblasted … its palette is infinite and it is not uncommon for several techniques to mingle in one and the same room.

Alexandre Poulaillon, the decor reinvented

Vincent Darré, Pierre Yovanovitch or Christian Louboutin swear by him. The character is voluble, passionate about his subject, the decorative painting, which he tries to wake up with techniques, patterns and innovative effects. “Even today, the trade suffers from an obsolete image, one thinks false marble or false wood. I paint rugs on the floor or feathers on the walls. His research is multiple. It revives the paper dominated, ancestor of the wallpaper, made to the board and the stencil. Digital printing allows him to reproduce whimsical designs. Latest finds: stencil overlays on Japanese paper.

Rose Saneuil, marquetry in all its forms

It combines freely sycamore, shagreen, parchment, brass and leather, to create decorative panels, real textured landscapes, and miniature motifs, often used on ornaments or watch face by jewelers of the Place Vendôme, such as Piaget . Having learned marquetry and cabinet making at Ecole Boulle, Rose Saneuil once perfected her know-how in a cigar box-making company, before setting up her own workshop in 2013 … at home! His work plan is in his room, his press in the living room. The beauty has invented an entire lifestyle dedicated to creation, his passion, his engine.

Laurent Chwast, the renewal of decorative painting

He likes to modulate the atmosphere of the spaces through graphic painted ceilings and delicate and delicate frescoes. For thirty years already, this painter decorator intertwines line drawings, touches of paintings and games of texture. At the Van Der Kelen School in Brussels, he trained in traditional techniques of decorative painting, the School of Theater Design in Geneva allows him to complete his apprenticeship. He collaborates since 1997 with the decorator Tino Zervudachi and also works
with Stéphanie Coutas and Pascal Allaman. Recently, he has been exploring a new technique of glass worked with smoke.